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Tactical Precision Rifle I

If you are new to tactical precision rifle shooting or just want to get back to the basics, this class is one that you will want to take. This class will lay the foundation that you will need to become an excellent tactical precision rifle shooter. The class is a two day class. Lunch will be on the range so you will need to bring a lunch and water. Depending on the range location you may need a back pack to carry your equipment, food, and water.

Mandatory equipment for this class is a tactical rifle that is capable of MOA accuracy with bi-pod and leather or nylon adjustable sling. Your scope will need to have tactical turrets for adjusting your scope with a Mil. type reticle. The largest caliber that you can shoot in this class is .300 Winchester Magnum. Your rifle can be a bolt gun or a gas gun. The round count for the class is 300 rounds. It is recommended that you have a smart phone with a ballistic application on your phone. We use Shooter Ballistic Application.

Some of the topics covered in this class are safety, equipment selection, rifle set up, fundamentals of marksmanship, understanding MOA and Mils., effects of wind, shooter spotter communication, zeroing and coaching.

This class requires that you are in good enough physical condition to walk and carry all of your equipment if necessary. You must also be able to get up and down from the ground safely without assistance.

Aerial Platform Training

If your agency needs a place to conduct aerial platform training we can help.  Our range works very well for low flying aircraft with shooters in the back seat.   Aircraft can land safely on our property.  Once on the ground briefings can be make and the shooters loaded into the aircraft.  Due...

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