Advanced Carbine

This class is for the experienced carbine operator that has logged numerous hours behind the gun. This class is not for the beginning shooter. You must be in decent physical condition for this class. This class requires a lot of moving.

Topics covered in this class will include, but not be limited to, safety, equipment selection, bullet performance, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, shooting around cover, movement, shot placement, malfunctions, target identification, unconventional shooting positions, shooting positions, transitions, slinging, gun side/support side, pivots, failure drills, multiple targets, mindset, and legal aspects of using deadly force.

We must have 4  students to be able to do the class. Maximum students is 10.

To reserve your spot you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $125.00. The balance is due two weeks before the date of the class. If you do not pay a deposit YOUR SPOT IS NOT RESERVED in the class. We accept credit cards.


Required Equipment
* Eye Protection
* Hearing Protection
* Appropriate clothing for the weather. Shorts are not acceptable range attire.
* Closed Footwear, shoes or boots.
* Sunscreen
* Water
* Weapon
* 3 Magazines for your weapon & magazine pouch for spare magazines
* Ammunition, 700 rounds
* Handgun with holster that secures the weapon and covers the trigger, no competition holsters and 300 rounds of handgun ammunition.
* Hat


Cost: $325.00 (8 Hour Class)

Prerequisite: XMTG Pistol I and Basic Carbine Operator, or another similiar pistol and carbine school. You must be comfortable with your handgun and carbine. This class is not for beginners.

Maximum Seats: 10

Students may be required to pass a background check before being able to attend the class. Concealed Carry Permits will be accepted in lew of background check.