Long Range Hunter – Short

20141208_081743_resizedThis class is designed to get you ready for hunting season.  Come to this class with whatever  you take to the field when hunting season gets here.  We will help make sure your rifle/optic is set up to help you be successful on that next hunting trip.  We will work on basic fundamentals, confirm your zero, gathering ballistic data, and engaging targets in field conditions.  This class is designed to help you get lethal hits on game species out to 500 yards.  We can shoot farther if your weapon is capable.  Bring whatever you take to the field to use in this class.  We will be shooting from all types of shooting positions.  The round count for this class is approximately 150 rounds.  You will need to be able to carry all of your equipment as we move around to simulate field conditions.

We must have 4  students to be able to do the class. Maximum students is 8.

To reserve your spot you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $150.00. The balance is due two weeks before the date of the class. If you do not pay a deposit YOUR SPOT IS NOT RESERVED in the class. We accept credit cards.

Required Equipment
* Eye protection
* Hearing protection
* Appropriate clothing   for the weather. We shoot rain or shine!
* Sunscreen
* Hunting/Tactical   rifle
* Bi-pod / pack or bag   for rest / shooting sticks / etc. (what you use in the field)
* Telescopic optic on   rifle
* Leather or nylon   adjustable sling
* Lunch
* Water
* Calculator/smart   phone
Nice to Have   Equipment Smart phone with   ballistic application
Ground Pad
Back Pack
Rear bag
Additional Equipment Binoculars &   Rangefinder
Spotting   Scope/Tripod
Extra ammunition

Cost: $300 (1 Day)

Maximum seats: 8

Minimum seats required to have class: 4

Students may be required to pass a background check before being able to attend the class. Concealed Carry Permits are accepted in place of a background check. Students should be familiar with their weapon system.

E-mail: info@xmtgllc.com or Donna@xmtgllc.com

Contact Donna for booking. 972-742-5079