Advanced Pistol

IMG_1633This class picks up where the Pistol II class ended. You will get a quick refresher of some of the basic shooting fundamentals and then quickly move on to learning advanced skills that will help you survive a deadly force encounter in a defensive situation.

Topics will include, but are not limited to, safety, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, use of cover, movement, shot placement, malfunctions, failure drills, shooting while moving, multiple threats, unconventional shooting positions, target identification, legal aspects of using deadly force, and mindset.

Note: This is a physically demanding class.


Required Equipment
* Eye Protection
* Hearing Protection
* Appropriate clothing for the weather. Shorts are not acceptable range attire.
* Closed Footwear, shoes or boots.
* Sunscreen
* Water
* Weapon
* 3 Magazines for your weapon & belt magazine pouch for spare magazines
* Ammunition, 500 rounds to 700 rounds
* Holster that secures the weapon and covers the trigger, no competition holsters.
* Hat


Cost: $225.00 (1 Day)

Prerequisite: XMTG Pistol I and Pistol II, or another similiar basic/intermediate pistol school. This class is not for beginners.

Maximum Seats: 8

Students may be required to pass a background check before being able to attend the class. Concealed Carry Permits are accepted in place of a background check..