Basic Pistol

IMG_1395This class is for the beginner that has limited to no experience with a handgun. In this class you will learn the basic principles needed to use and handle your handgun safely. We will lay the foundation for accurate self defense shooting that you will use as a building block for future classes. The primary focus of this class is to get you comfortable with your handgun and to get you hitting the target in the critical mass areas at self defense distances.

Topics covered will include, but not be limited to, safety, lights, holsters, caliber, ballistics, basic fundamentals, shot placement,, legal aspects of using deadly force, and mindset.


Required Equipment
* Eye Protection
* Hearing Protection
* Appropriate clothing for the weather. Shorts are not acceptable range attire.
* Closed Footwear, shoes or boots.
* Sunscreen
* Water
* Weapon
* 3 Magazines for your weapon
* Ammunition, 500 rounds
* Hat


Cost: $150.00 (1 Day)

Maximum Seats: 8

Students may be required to pass a background check before being able to attend the class. Concealed Carry Permits are accepted in place of a background check. No prerequisites required for this class.