Intro to Handguns

IMG_1580This class is for the person that has little to no experience with handguns. Owning a handgun and using it for self-defense requires a certain mindset as well as a skill set. We will discuss the mindset needed in self-defense situations, teach you basic firearm safety, and will help you develop the skill set needed to use a handgun to defend yourself and your family.

The first segment of the class will be spent in the classroom discussing handgun selection, accessories, safety, shooting fundamentals, ammunition selection, shot placement, and mindset.

The last segment of the class will be spent on the range where you will get to apply the skills discussed in the classroom. You will be able to try out various handguns which will help you make a decision on what handgun to purchase for your self-defense needs.


Required Equipment
* Eye Protection
* Hearing Protection
* Pants
* Closed Footwear
* Sunscreen
* Ammunition

*****Ammunition is not included in the price of the class. You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of 9mm ammunition.*****

Cost: $125.00 (2.5-3 Hour Class)

Maximum Seats: 4