Building Searches

This class is designed to teach the student how to search a building using two man tactics.  This class is geared towards the Patrol Officer but it is a great class for anyone that works in the LE/Mil/Security fields that will find themselves in situations where they must clear a structure.  The equipment needed for this class is your normal deployment gear.  You must have a flashlight of some type.

Needed Equipment
* Eye protection
* Hearing protection
* Appropriate clothing   for the weather.
* Sunscreen
* Body armor
* helmet
* Gloves/Long Sleeves
* Handgun/holster
* Long gun
* Water

Cost: $200 (2 Day)

Maximum seats: 20

Minimum seats required to have class: 10

This class is open only to LE, Military, and Security personnel.  If your agency has siminutions or another type of force on force weapon system, it can be incorporated into this class.  To schedule this class at your agency, call 972-742-5079.

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Contact Donna for booking. 972-742-5079