Hazardous Warrant Service

IMG_0749This four (4) day, 40 hour course covers the basics of hazardous warrant service.  The student will learn how to conduct hazardous warrants from the planning phase through the execution of the warrant.  The first half of day one will be in the classroom.  The rest of the time will be spent on practical applications in preparation for a final scenario at the end of day four (4).  This class can be modified in duration to meet your agencies specific needs.

Needed Equipment
* Eye protection
* Hearing protection
* Appropriate clothing   for the weather.
* Sunscreen
* Body armor
* helmet
* Gloves/Long Sleeves
* Handgun/holster
* Long gun
* Water

Cost: $400 (4 Day)

Minimum seats required to have class: 10

This class is open only to LE and Military personnel only.  If your agency has siminutions or another type of force on force weapons, they can be incorporated into this class.  To schedule this class at your agency, call 972-742-5079.

E-mail: info@xmtgllc.com or Donna@xmtgllc.com

Contact Donna for booking. 972-742-5079