Plain Clothes Pistol

This 1 day class is designed for Police Officers to get training on how to deploy their weapon while wearing plain clothes.  The majority of firearms training received by Police Officers is centered around deploying their weapon from a duty type holster even though Officers carry a gun in plain clothes off duty more than they are in uniform on duty.  This class was created to bridge that gap and allow the Officer to train deploying their handgun from a concealed carry holster.  This class is beneficial to Officers assigned to Patrol or C.I.D.

Needed Equipment
* Eye protection
* Hearing protection
* Appropriate clothing   for the weather.
* Sunscreen
* Body armor-optional
* Handgun/Off Duty Holster-No Blackhawk Serpa Holsters Allowed
* 500 rounds of handgun ammunition
* Cover Garment
* Water/Snacks

Cost: $225 (1 Day)

Minimum seats required to have class: 10

This class is open only to LE, Military, and Security personnel.  To schedule this class at your agency, call 972-742-5079.

E-mail: or

Contact Donna for booking. 972-742-5079