• LTC Clas 120316

    LTC Clas 120316

    We just finished up our last class for 2016.  We had cold wet weather but everyone still shot very well. ...

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  • Long Range Hunter 091716

    Long Range Hunter 091716

    We hosted a long range hunter class Saturday at our long range near Crandall, TX.  We had two shooters that...

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  • LTC Class 090316

    LTC Class 090316

    We just finished up another LTC class.  Here are all of the photos from today’s class....

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  • LTC Class 090116

    LTC Class 090116

    Here are some photos from another LTC class.  Another great class in the books!...

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  • LTC 081316

    LTC 081316

    Here are some photos taken from our August LTC class.  Everyone shot very well.  Reserve your spot on our next...

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  • New Shooting Platform Construction

    New Shooting Platform Construction

    The last storm that came through destroyed our temporary shooting platform.  We were planning on building our new platform later...

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  • Rifle/Pistol Training

    Rifle/Pistol Training

    Yesterday was hot but we still managed to have a productive day on the range....

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  • Texas LTC Class – 040216

    Texas LTC Class – 040216

    Today we had some very good weather to go to the range.  We had 5 students in our LTC class...

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  • XMTG Hunting Photos

    XMTG Hunting Photos

    The skills learned in our classes have more than just self defense uses.  We know that a lot of our...

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  • Basic Carbine Operator Class – 090515

    Basic Carbine Operator Class – 090

    Today we had a Basic Carbine Operator Class at our range in Kaufman.  We had some pretty good weather for...

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  • Tactical Precision Rifle I – 081515-081615

    Tactical Precision Rifle I – 08151

    We just finished up a Tactical Precision Rifle I class.  The weather was not bad under our covered shooting deck....

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  • Tactical Precision Rifle I – 071815

    Tactical Precision Rifle I – 07181

    We just finished up a Tactical Precision Rifle I class over the weekend.  We are working on dates for a...

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