Larry started out his LE career in 2002 as a tactical medic in support of smaller Texas LE agencies as well as a multi-jurisdictional task force.  He transited to a larger Texas agency   where he continued as a patrol officer as well as a tactical officer.  He instructed LE and Civilian firearms classes as well as Tactics based classes.   In his spare time he acquired other unique skills to include Commercial Aviation (multi/single engine instrument airplane/ instrument helicopter), SCUBA instructor to include numerous specialties such as Public Safety Diving and Underwater Criminal Investigation.  His skill base also extends to Forensic Odontology as well as Medical/Legal death investigation.  Transitioning over to active military life Larry  holds a reserve officer status in a smaller Texas agency while serving in the Army.  He has had multiple oversees tours where he has served under the 82nd Airborne as well as SOC.