I would like to share the experience I had as A Sheriff seeing firsthand what your training can do. You came to Post, Texas and taught the guys Dangerous Warrant and Dynamic Entry earlier this year. We had a shooting take place a couple of weeks ago after midnight and were searching numerous places in town for our shooter. Around 3 AM we got a call that someone had been seen in the area of where two abandoned houses are located, neither of these houses has any electrical services and are located in a part of town with no outside lighting. All of my Deputies had attended these classes together and had learned how to work as a team with your training. Both houses were secured and the guys had to make dynamic entry and search each residence by flashlights. I would have given anything to have been able to video record the teamwork that took place. Our suspect was not there and we are still looking for him. I would very strongly recommend this training to any department no matter the size. Kudo’s to James Ferguson and Larry Munk I want you to know that the guys paid very close attention and you would have been proud to see your training in action. If anyone would like to hear first hand from a very proud Sheriff what an exemplary training this was don’t hesitate to call me.

Thank You

Sheriff Terry L Morgan

Garza County, Texas